Progressive slots (and video poker) have jackpots that grow with each bet until someone wins. The progressive jackpot then resets to zero and starts increasing again. The jackpot grows dependent on a little proportion of your machine action. Most progressive slot machines are now pooled with other machines, however some are still freestanding.

Progressive slots are the slot machine equivalent of a lottery game. The odds are long, but the rewards are great. Most lotteries increase the prize amount from drawing to drawing until someone wins.

Windows Casino Progressive Jackpots

Here at Windows Casino we know what players want and we work hard to make sure you get it – our progressive jackpots are ever-increasing and can be won as quickly and simply as making a cup of coffee or a pot of tea.

At the time of writing our progressive jackpots are well over two million UK pounds (three million US Dollars) with the largest individual progressive jackpot at the moment being more than one million pounds (one and a half million US Dollars).

Biggest Win This Year So Far!

We’ve just recently had the biggest win of 2013 (and this player did not win a progressive jackpot) – here’s how it went;

  • £750 deposited (approximately £500)
  • £450 weekly bonus received (approximately £300)
  • The player then throughout one day played a total of 7,079 games in the day and won these prizes
  • £110,083 on “Cherry Love” (approximately £70,000)
  • £34,723 on “Hulk with Marvel Jackpot” (approximately £22,000)
  • £116,833 on “Iron Man with Marvel Jackpot” (approximately £80,000)
  • £14,295 on “Sparta” (approximately £10,000)
  • Total winnings for the day £236,070 (approximately £160,000)

Not a Bad Days Work, or Should We Say Play!

Look out for our competitions too – we’ve had prizes such as trips to South Africa with tickets for the World Football Cup Final, and “We’ll pay your bills for a whole year”, and VIP tickets to the Formula One British Grand Prix.