Casino Games

What Games Do You Have?

We feature blackjack, roulette, and slot machines. See the whole collection. Low, medium, or high stakes are available. Single-player and multiplayer blackjack and roulette are both accessible.

Where Can I Get Blackjack and Roulette Rules?

Our rules for blackjack and roulette websites have thorough information on how to play each game.

Can I Gamble on My Mac?

Some Mac casinos don’t support casino games. Regions are introduced gradually.

Are Casino Games Available on Your App?

Yes. Our mobile software for iOS and Android includes blackjack, roulette, slots, and Live Casino games.

What Is the Origin of Casino Software?

The same team that created our popular poker software also created our blackjack and roulette games.

Like at Poker Tables, Can I Chat With Others at Multiplayer Casino Tables?

Yes, you can talk to other players at the same table. All players must read and follow our conversation rules.

What Is “Payout Percentage” and Where Can I Discover It for Your Casino Games?

It is the average percentage of your bet returned when you play casino games. This is the long-term predicted return expressed as a percentage. To see our casino games’ payout percentages, click to the How to Play section and pick one of the games listed.


The “Split” in Blackjack

Assuming the player’s first two cards are of similar value (e.g. A-A or jack-10), the player may choose to double his initial wager and make two separate hands. This is called a “split”.

The number of splits a player can make varies each blackjack version. After splitting the hand with two aces, you can only get one extra card for each ace.

More in our blackjack rules.

To Double in Blackjack

In order to improve the player’s hand, he might place a bet equivalent to the original stake after receiving two cards. It’s termed “doubling down”.

More in Our Blackjack Rules


If the dealer’s first card is an ace, the player can place a “insurance” wager. Insurance is up to 50% of the initial investment.

  • If the dealer’s second card is blackjack (e.g. a 10), the insurance wins.
  • Insurance gives 2/1.

More in Our Blackjack Rules

Is there a difference between a “soft 17” and a “hard 17?”

A soft hand has an ace that counts as eleven. A soft 17 is a hand with a six and an ace. A “hard” hand lacks an ace that counts as eleven. A hard 17 might be a ten and a seven.

What Is the Roulette Wheel’s Number?

Roulette features 37 numbers: 1 through 36 and zero (0). See our roulette rules for additional details.

What Is a “Inside” Bet?

Inside bets on single numbers or small groups of numbers get higher payoff. Outside bets are 12-18 numbers per effort. See our roulette rules for more details, such as winnings.

What is a RNG?

It can create random sequences of integers (or bits) free of patterns and systematic errors. This prevents items or numbers in a sequence from being predicted, making them look like actual random sequences.

Can I Play Multiple Tables?

Each participant is limited to four casino games (blackjack and roulette). In other words, gamers can play at four casino tables while concurrently playing at the maximum number of poker tables.