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With our website, you accept the use of cookies, including third-party cookies, although you can delete or block them at any time. At the bottom of this page, you may see which cookies our website stores on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Ads may become less relevant and more frequent if you delete or block cookies. You may also encounter issues with the web site’s functionality and inability to access the content.

Cookies are also saved in “log files” created by site visitors. Every website, including this one, generates log files. Overall, log files contain information on which domain subpages have been visited, when they were visited, and from where they were accessed, which implies IP addresses are collected. We can only see your city from the data collected, not your actual location. Our privacy policy explains how we handle personal data, including IP addresses.

These logs are utilized for both traffic analysis and security. We gather IP addresses to protect against hacker attacks. If we notice increasing traffic from foreign IP addresses in the logs, it could be a sign of a hacker attack. We can better detect hacking attempts by tracking users’ IP addresses. Log files, including IP addresses, are kept for 5 years.

Why Do We Need Cookies?

We use cookies to improve our marketing and user experience, as well as to ensure and improve our website’s technical performance. Some of the data collected by cookies is used to analyze website usage. This can include tracking the type of device (e.g. PC or tablet) our consumers use, the marketing channels they use to find us, the subpages they visit, and their time on the site. Any clicks on adverts or links to our partners are also recorded and analyzed.

We utilize this data to improve the user experience and optimize our website, as well as to target online advertising so that you see more relevant ads. More about focused marketing is given below. Cookies are also utilized to improve user experience. Using cookies reduces the amount of data downloaded by the user and allows the website to remember the user’s preferences. It optimizes the user experience, the loading of articles, and the website reaction time.

Cookies also allow us to continuously modify the website to the users’ demands. Game Lounge Limited places cookies on your hard disk, mobile, or tablet when you use our website. The section “Third-party plugins that leave cookies” has more information.

Source of Cookies

A list of all cookies saved on your computer, mobile phone or tablet while you visit our website appears at the bottom of this page. But, in the following, we shall elucidate on the use of several cookies:


The website employs “heatmaps” at times, when all user movements on the page are monitored and archived.

The user’s specific motions on the page are shown by heatmaps, which can be utilized to optimize our website’s layout.

Analysis Cookies

The website uses Google Analytics and Matomo to track where visitors come from. The IP addresses of users show this. As previously stated, we cannot access our users’ physical addresses, but we can see their city when they visit the site. We collect users’ geolocation data to ensure that we only refer Danish users to the various casinos, in accordance with the current gaming laws.

The site also gathers anonymous data on user visits, such as number of visits, average time on site, and pages visited (loaded). The goal is to segment website users based on demographics and geography, allowing advertisers to better target their online ads.


When you use this page, a cookie is placed on your computer, phone, or tablet, allowing advertisers to target you specifically on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, as well as other websites. It can also cause Game Lounge banner adverts to appear on other websites.

Targeted advertising expires 180 days after your previous visit. Delete or block cookies to avoid targeted advertising.

Charging Cookie Plugins

On the website, you’ll find external plugins like YouTube videos. These plugins can leave cookies on your computer, phone, or tablet. Cookies from third-party services on the site.

Cookies From:

  • YouTube – Displayed on the domain owing to embedded content
  • Vimeo – Displayed on the domain owing to embedded videos
  • Twitch – Appearance on the domain due to the website’s own Twitch channel.
  • Our Casino Quiz is hosted on Sporcle.

Cookies left by our partners (game providers) when we connect to their pages.

We choose to add these plugins on the site so that our users may access movies, quizzes, and other features.

How Long Do We Keep User Data?

Google Analytics stores user session data for up to 26 months. This means that if a user visits the website again within 26 months, the period is updated to 26 months. The data gathering is compliant with Google’s requirements and does not contain personal data.

It is our mission to provide our users with the greatest possible website experience. Google Analytics data is maintained for up to 26 months to allow for annual comparisons and tracking of website visitors. The Facebook Pixel is used to tailor marketing from a website to a Facebook user based on their interests.

Avoiding Cookies

If you don’t want cookies on your computer, phone, or tablet, you can delete them at any moment. To learn how to erase cookies, click on the following link:

The option to receive a warning each time your PC, smartphone, or tablet stores a cookie is also available. The previous link has instructions on how to configure your browser. Contact details To complain or inquire about the use of cookies, personal data, or other information regarding your visit to the site, please email us. All inquiries will be responded to as soon as feasible.