Online casinos invest heavily in creating a realistic experience for their gamers. This also applies to their live casino, where live dealers are often seen at the tables, such as Blackjack. Every year, new online casinos appear on the scene, and this trend does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Mobile gaming is predicted to generate £59 billion in global sales by 2023.

One way internet casinos can differentiate themselves is by offering live casinos. However, a well-functioning online casino with live dealers requires a large setup. lists online casinos that offer live Blackjack. Here you may learn more about the engine that powers the live casinos and how they are continually developing new technology to improve the offering. We are based on Blackjack.

Important Elements

To make the live casino experience enjoyable for the player, it must feature a variety of aspects. Let’s start with Blackjack.


Cameras with live dealers are obviously #1. Sitting at a virtual Blackjack table works better with a real live dealer rather than a virtual one. This means you receive the most authentic casino experience from a real casino. In a Blackjack game, the camera usually focuses on the dealer, the table, and your cards. This gives you, the gamer, the best overview. Of course, live casinos keep up with the developments, so most have razor-sharp 4K cameras, making it appear as if they are in your living room.

Control of The Game

The “Game Control Unit” (GCU) ensures that the technology works and that the game is not geared for the casino to always win. So in Blackjack, everything is examined to make sure it follows the rules.

Live Dealers

The live dealer is of course vital to a genuine and authentic experience. It can be a man or a lady who is elegantly dressed. That is, they don’t overdo it with sexy attire or whatever. Men wear a white shirt with a black butterfly and a black waistcoat, while women wear various gowns. Some of them wear black to avoid drawing attention, while others choose brighter clothes that can also be subtle. It all depends on the live casino.

One or More Monitors

The live dealer gets access to one or more monitors so they can see how many people are at the table and what they’re seeing at home. The gaming experience must be realistic and engaging for all players.

A Study

Playing at a Danish or foreign casino, the live dealer studio is geared for a fantastic gaming experience. So nothing is random when it comes to camera angles, light, and sound. Small effects can contribute to improve the gaming experience.

Live Casino’s Future

As said before, this simply means that more people will play at online casinos using their smartphones, tablets, and desktops. So venues must continuously think of ways to boost the excitement, authenticity, and enjoyment of their games.

Virtual Reality can help. VR isn’t new, but it’s only going to grow in popularity in the gaming business because it allows you to virtually sit in a casino, even if you’re at home on the sofa. So the senses are further stimulated, and the entertainment value is increased.

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